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About Rita Kumar

"Since the early days of my life I have had intuitions, premonitions, and saw things which cannot be seen with the physical eye. This special sight has helped me see into the past, present and future.

So I realised that there is more to life and that it is not always we who decide and plan. There is a higher force and many things are predestined.

Let's compare with a scientific situation, for example weather patterns. Scientists make predictions based on the patterns they have studied and say that something will happen on a fixed date. Their perception is greater than the naked eye because they use telescopes and other instruments. Then, based on various calculations, they predict the weather. Yet, sometimes, other forces come into play and the weather is not exactly as predicted.

Similarly, a certain amount of free will has been given to us. I vividly recall an incident. I had dreamt that I as was walking, my Rayban sunglasses fell and broke. So I was extra careful with my glasses. As I was leaving the house the next morning, my glasses fell and my immediate thought was "NO! I will not let it break". It was a miracle that it did not break. It is a small example to illustrate how I will always know about any major incident in my life beforehand; good and bad ones.

And with Divine grace, even when the situation is not good, I receive the strength and courage to go through it. There is a sense of Knowing that keeps my spirits up and shows me the reason why a particular incident happens. This Knowing has put me onto the higher dimensions and changed my perception of life.

I am also always guided by my spiritual Guru and therefore I am able to help people with their Karma. When the soul is ready and needs help with their Karma, that is when I am able to remove the karma. This is where the free will applies. There are certain karmas that can be removed provided the soul has learnt its lesson and wants to learn its further lessons through wisdom, rather than fear and pain.

With my ability to see the past, I can uncover the clients'past through their Akashic records. And as a Psychic Channel, I can communicate with their Higher Self to discover the Karmic root of their problems. I have been blessed with Healing Energy and have always been guided to heal the client and give them the right solution as per their Karma so as to balance their negative Karma. This leads them to live a life of joy, love, light, abundance and happiness.

When they are relieved of their past karma, they are free to move on to a higher dimension, where one lives by just manifesting the higher Divine plan."


1998: Vippassana Meditation ( Buddhist Retreat ) - that opened a window into the spiritual view.
2001: Attuned for Reiki and Pranic Healing by a Guru.
2001 to 2006: 5-year course on Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yoganandha Kriya yoga.
2003: Sri Sri Ravishankar's Sudharshana kriya.

Also attended Brahma Kumari's Raja yoga course, and is a practitioner of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo's yoga.
Has also imbibed Crystal healing, and Chinese I Ching from a Guru.
Learnt Karmic healing from my spiritual Guru.

"Each of these classes has brought light into my life. All of them teach the same thing, that each one of us understands what is the best and the right one for us." Rita Kumar